Newsletter No. 238

July 12, 2023

Our Matariki banner includes an image taken from a painting by local artist Miranda Munro, currently being shown at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts in town.

Nau mai, haere mai ki Matariki kei Te Raehaikau

Te Ohu o Te Raekaihau and the Kae Miller Trust welcome you to celebrate both Matariki and the Kae Miller Trust’s Founder’s Day. Come and enjoy connecting with others, and caring for and learning about our local tāonga: Te Raekaihau.

Ā hea (when): Rāmere / Friday, 14th Hūrae / July, 2 – 4.30 pm.

Kei hea (where): Meet at Alice Krebs Lodge near the lookout at the top of the hill, entry from 113 View Road (South). Please note that parking is limited in the cul-de-sac.

He aha (what): We have a range of activities planned for the afternoon:

  • From 2 pm: Shared kai and kapu tī (afternoon tea) at Alice Krebs lodge with a kōrero about the history of Kae Miller.
  • From 3.30 pm: Choose between a hikoi (walk); tree planting; tradescantia weeding or just hanging out at the lodge;
  • What to bring: If you want to plant, bring gloves and spade; for weeding, gloves and a metal rake if you can.

Ko wai tatou (who are we?)

Te Ohu o Te Raekaihau: a group of people with a strong connection to Te Raekaihau, focussed on its re-indigenisation and connecting of moana, ngahere, and communities. Collectively, we are planting about 2000 indigenous trees each year and coordinate weeding and other initiatives on the headland. You can join our mailing list here.

Kae Miller Trust: In 1981, Kae Miller adopted Te Raekaihau and formed the View Road Park Society to look after it. She built a small building in 1985 and named it the Alice Krebs Lodge after her friend Alice, who survived two years in a concentration camp. Kae lived in the lodge as a caretaker of the park, planting many trees in the name of conservation and peace, until 1990. The Kae Miller Trust was formed in 2007 to honour and continue Kae’s vision, planting trees and looking after the lodge.

Here is some more information on Kae Miller.

Just to say …

There will be no Koha Coffee in August, but once the sap starts stirring again there will be plenty of events to join in with.