Newsletter No. 240

August 25, 2023

Te Mauri O Te Wai in Houghton Valley/Haewai

Sunday 27 August , 2 – 4 pm at the Houghton Valley Community Hall: The next Houghton Valley Progressive Association meeting is not a meeting but a workshop, and we are bringing the focus back on our Lifting the Creek Project. Much of the water that lands in our catchment is directed into pipes beneath our old landfill, becoming contaminated with leachate. This water is generally directed to the sewer, but in heavy rain (and many other inexplicable times) this sometimes highly polluted water ends up in the sea.

Come along with your interest and/or ideas for how we can solve our spring water, storm water and leachate problems (and anything else) so we can go on to develop a plan for the valley that will respect our natural environment and waterways, have better amenities and provide more local food. We will then look at ways of achieving at least parts of the plan. We have created a document with some background and ideas that have been suggested over the last 10 years, but we would like your input to further develop the brief. If you are able to let us know if you are coming that would be awesome, but no worries if you make a last minute decision! If you can’t make it but would like to contribute, please email Jenny and we can send you the workshop handout. Email contact:

Hall update

Our long journey to find the right contractor and enough funds has finally resulted in a contract being signed with Rod Burke of Esterno Ltd, a builder and waterproofing membrane specialist, who will undertake the work in the upcoming school holidays.The area will be scaffold wrapped to ensure the work can be done mostly within the holiday period and to provide some extra protection during the asbestos removal (the plastic wrap gets recycled). 

Houghton Terrace Walkway

Closure is appreciated on our hall roof damage and repair saga, closure of our walkway not so appreciated. Opened June 2023, closed August 2023.

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