Newsletter No. 243

October 27, 2023

There’s a bit to act on in this newsletter, some fun to be had, and something to celebrate. All things worthy of a cupcake or two (from the Houghton Valley School Fair).

Our petition is live – sign it now!

Our petition to get the remediation of our landfill / leachate / stormwater remediation project into the Long Term Plan is now approved by WCC and is live. We have it open for a month so that it can be reviewed before everything closes down for Christmas. We need at least 20 signatures. Please sign as soon as possible! [Petition link not valid.]

And don’t forget as a follow up to this, the next Houghton Valley Progressive Association meeting will be a Creek Walk, where we walk the length of the valley and share what we know about the existing water ways and pipes and imagine the new natural stormwater system. There will be an afternoon tea at the Buckley Reserve Playground. This is planned for Sunday November 12. A special invite will be sent later, but save the date.

Houghton Valley School Fair tomorrow …

Saturday 28 October, 10 am – 2 pm

Music, crafts, pre-loved clothes, toys, books, plants and other goodies, games and activities, cute furry animals to meet, delicious food stalls including freshly baked treats, curries and Havana coffee!

The event is aiming for zero waste, so please help by bringing your own bags, keep cup, plate, containers etc.

Compassionfest 2023 starts tonight …

And we have a new roof!

After a long and winding road, we are there … hooray!

(158 recipients, 112 opens)