Kae Miller Trust

Kae Miller outside the Alice Krebs Lodge shortly after its opening in 1985

Te Raekaihau is one of our local reserves and is a special place to visit. It has a rich history of people who were inspired to look after it, including the passionate environmentalist, Kae Miller. In 1981, the area was pretty neglected and Kae Miller adopted it and formed the View Road Park Society to look after it. She built a small building in 1985 and named it the Alice Krebs Lodge after her friend Alice, who survived two years in a concentration camp.

Kae lived in the lodge as a caretaker of the park, planting many trees in the name of conservation and peace. When Kae left in 1990 to live in a home, other caretakers looked after and hired out the Lodge for short stays. The Kae Miller Trust was formed in 2007 to honour and continue Kae’s vision, planting trees and looking after the lodge. The Alice Krebs Lodge is now use as a retreat for those seeking quiet contemplation or spiritual practice.

To book the lodge contact: kmt@houghtonvalley.org.nz

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